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OpenGL Book: A OpenGL Tutorial Reference Book
Easily understand OpenGL and learn how to create 3D worlds and games from scratch.

OpenGL Gems is the authorative guide on OpenGL programming published by Learning Curve / Education for software developers! This book in 3D C++ programming series clearly, and in easy to follow language, explains fundamental principles used behind programming 3D games using the OpenGL cross-platform framework.

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OpenGL IDE Tutorial - Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0
Compiler Setup for OpenGL

You might be already familiar with library files on Windows (those that have .lib extention). Working with OpenGL, there are two main libraries you need to link your compiler to. They are opengl32.lib and glu32.lib. Just search your computer for them.

You should have these libraries natively installed on your Windows or OSX out of the box. Add those libraries to the Object/Library modules box located under the Link tab in Settings on the Project menu, and you're ready to go.

The process is somewhat similar to this Vulkan IDE setup tutorial which actually uses Visual C++ Express 2015 IDE. The linking to libraries process is similar across most IDEs, just look in Project Settings.

You might want to go to some OpenGL related sites to get the latest version of these libraries. In your source code you will have to #include "gl/gl.h" and "gl/glu.h". You will also find that you may need to download something that is called "glew" or "glee" library (choose one, I use glew, but they accomplish the same thing.) Search for them on Google and add them to your project. They are basically gl function and extension headers for working with OpenGL.

If you have a different compiler, other than MVC++6, you will have to find your own way of adding these libraries to your project. However, I am planning on providing better tutorials on setting up your compiler to work with OpenGL.

If you have another IDE and want to write a compiler tutorial setup to be included on this site, please contact me with the copy of your tutorial and I'll inlcuded it here!

OpenGL Book: A OpenGL Tutorial Reference Book
OpenGL Book - A OpenGL Tutorial Reference Book

If tutorials on this site are not enough, or you simply like reading from a physical book or a digital device (Kindle, iPad, tablets, etc.) check out OpenGL Book. Written by the author of tutorials on this site.

This book is a OpenGL tutorial and a reference that guides the reader through the process of setting up and initializing OpenGL, drawing 3D primitives and creating 3D computer games.

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