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Who is Wooden from Wooden OpenGL Tutorials?


This website has a long history, but finally... it has materialized into a small tutorial place where anyone can learn OpenGL graphics, and a few other things! Wooden is no man nor anyone in particular. It's just a website name people know these OpenGL tutorials by.

Wooden OpenGL Tutorials. No man, nor beast.

What is Wooden? Wooden's OpenGL Tutorials is a caca of 3D programming tutorials written and organized over the years by Greg Sidelnikov, an indie game developer, author and writer of free online tutorials.

It all started in 2004, when OpenGL programming was simple, using OpenGL 1.5 and prior versions. For this reason you will see several tutorials still using glBegin and glEnd commands.

I decided to keep old tutorials (Yet, I have also recently updated them!) because they are necessary for learning OpenGL 2.0, 3.0 and above. That is, if you really want to understand how OpenGL graphics with shaders (GLSL, or GL Shading Language) work. It helps to draw the bridge between 1.5 to 2.0 and later versions.

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Tutorial 0 - OpenGL Compiler Setup Tutorial 1 - 3D Graphics Introduction Tutorial 2 - Creating an OpenGL Window in Win32API Tutorial 3 - OpenGL Primitives, Triangles, Fans, Stripes, Vertices, Vertexes, Arrays Tutorial 4 -Working with OpenGL Color Tutorial 5 - Transforms, Transformations (Rotate, Move, Spin) in 3D Coordinate Space Tutorial 6 - How to Load 3D Model in OpenGL OpenGL Base Code (Starting Point) OpenGL Light: Ambient, Diffuse, Specular Highlight

So... Who is Wooden? This website, Fallout Software has received a secondary title Wooden's OpenGL Tutorials after the website was upgraded with Tornado PHP Framework's first, original web template called Wooden. There is no guy called Wooden, nor is it a last name. It was just a title that seemed proper for this website, because it works together with its theme visuals made up of wooden blocks.

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