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To set up your MVC compiler to work with DirectInput all you really have to do is add the dinput.lib library to your project. Make sure you've gone through the DirectDraw compiler setup tutorial before you setup DirectInput, or at least complete the 5 last steps from the DirectDraw compiler setup tutorial because they are crucial to any DirectX program.

Steps for Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition are similar. The point is making sure you've added dinput.lib file to your project settings.

  • Make sure you have DirectX 11 Software Development Kit (SDK) installed on your computer. Look it up on Google, as Microsoft is known for changing its URL location every few years.
  • The rest of the steps below is assumung you have installed the SDK to its default path c:\mssdk
  • Create a Win32 app, open Project|Settings... on the menu bar
  • Open the Link tab and in the Object/library modules box add one more .lib file: dinput.lib, Click OK
  • Your compiler should now be ready for DirectInput programming.

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