Software for Game Design

You don’t need to learn how to program video games. Games for consoles and apps can be created thanks to some of the best free programs to create video games that we offer in this reportage.

They are tools that adapt to all levels, and that allows us to publish our playable creations without investing a single euro. It’s an excellent first step before you sign up for a course to design video games or invest in any of the professional graphics engines available on the market.

Have you ever thought about designing your own video game? There are many tools for their development, some more complex than others. In today’s post, we compiled some of them.

Programs to create video games

  1. Unity 3D is one of the engines to develop more popular video games. With the free version, you can develop games for PC, Mac, and Webby having a handy and complete visual editor to which, without getting too complicated, you can import 3D models, textures, sounds. Keep in mind that your professional version is much more powerful, though not cheap. With Unity, you have created games such as Pok√©mon Go, Assassin’s Creed Identity, Among the Sleep, and Ori and the Blind Forest.
  2., it’s another video game development platform. It is entirely free for personal and commercial use. It’s programmed in Actionscript 3.
  3. Stencyl – This free game-making program is designed to create 2D mini-games for web, mobile devices, or computers. Stencyl is one of the free plans to create video games that are more balanced by its ease of Use and excellent results. There is no need to have excellent programming knowledge, and it has a varied library of objects to make each mini-game unique.
  4. GDevelop many times we believe that because we don’t know to program, we can no longer create video games. With this software, no problem. Your events will allow you to make up the game.
  5. Scratch is what children who attend robotics classes are taught. They even have their day, May 12. It’s effortless to use. You can create animations, interactive stories, and games. It also allows you to share your creations online.
  6. Unreal Development Kit is created by Epic Games; it has been used in games such as Deus Ex, Mass Effect, or Gears of War. Since 2015 it is free and free of charge. As you can imagine, it is one of the most powerful programs, and it is necessary to have some programming knowledge, although it is possible to find some versions in which it is not required to pick code.
  7. Game Maker is a free platform to create video games with which we can achieve very remarkable results, and which includes your GML-based language. Its advantages are not limited: it is cross-platform, contains tutorials, and is also connected to its object, scenario, or physical editor. It is developed thinking of 2D games with more traditional development. Game Maker allows you to purchase specific engines and templates that fit more particular genders.

If you are passionate about this world of video games and would like to professionalize, training is necessary to achieve it, because, among other things, you will have the support and support of teachers, who are professionals active in the sector.

They will help you step by step so that, once you finish your studies, you can create and program video games by yourself and access one of the sectors with the most labor demand today.