Computer Programming Tutorials

All of the source code is compiled and built using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Ever-expanding free computer programming tutorial page. A considerable amount of time has been spent on writing these tutorials with a mission to contribute to the online programmers community. As this page grows, it will hold crucial information about programming and computers in general for programmers as it contains detailed documentation and sometimes even covers topics beyond the tutorial subject itself. So you are encouraged to spread the information about this page to every other programmer you know who might be interested in learning from these tutorials.

About Author
All tutorials were written by me when I was attending high-school 5 years ago. Computer programming is one of my passions, and while these tutorials contain a lot of information, my writing style wasn’t up to par. Apparently, over the years, these tutorials were recognized by the programming community on the internet, and were referenced to by many forums and programming sites.

I am currently busy working on my new project called Authentic Society, which is a community web-site based on personality research.

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 Know the Machine
 0  Essentials
 1  All about memory
 Windows API
 1  Windows program structure
 2  Creating a window
 3  Drawing pixels in a window
 4  Creating a menu
 5  Window style
 Direct Draw
 1  Compiler setup
 2  Creating a Direct Draw app
 3  Pixels
 4  Lines
 5  Polygons
 6  Surfaces, sprites and animation
 7  Transparent sprites and stretching
 Direct Input
 1  Compiler setup
 2  Creating a Direct Input app
 intro  Introduction to 3D
 1  Compiler setup
 2  Creating an OpenGL window
 2.5  Intro to OpenGL primitives
 3  Drawing primitives
 4  Color
 5  Transformations in 3D
 6  Model composition
 7  OpenGL base-code digression
 8  OpenGL lighting model
 c & misc.
 1  System file logging