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In 2003, when I wrote my first OpenGL tutorial on this site I knew it quite well.

There isn’t a “quick” start with OpenGL. After 14 years I am still learning OpenGL myself. The learning curve is steep but it’s worth pursuing and results can be amazing.

Note 04-05-2017: I am currently upgrading this site from its dinosauric version. Some links are missing content, but that’s okay. They are coming in shortly.

Why would you want to contact me?

Hmm, there are a few reasons I can think of.

1. General Inquiry. If you have question about my OpenGL Gems book, submit an OpenGL tutorial request, make a content suggestions, or a correction to existing tutorials, you can contact me by using this form.

2. Become a Guest Tutorial Writer. Submit your own tutorials to help this site grow and receive a share of donations I receive or additional rewards (to be discussed, based on the level of your contribution.)

3. Submit a Donation. If you’d like to make a donation or wish to support tutorials on this site, your support is appreciated. This site has expenses, such as hosting fees and sheer amount of time it takes to write a pretty decent quality tutorial.